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Tribal Yoga

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A holistic approach to healing the body, the mind, and the heart for the healthiest & happiest version of you.


Tribal brings science and 5,000 year old ancient yoga practices together to allow you to lose weight, be the most flexible you ever have been in your life, heal injuries, love yourself and boost confidence without injuring yourself from extreme workouts or dieting by reprogramming your central nervous system with the most potent yoga, pranayama and meditation exercises. 

  • ONLINE Yoga Training to lose weight, increase flexibility & reprogram ...


  • Enjoy 1 Stretch & Detox Yoga Session to detox the body and mind.


    35 US dollars
  • Small Group Yoga Training for flexibility, mobility and healing.

    35 US dollars
  • Enjoy 4 sessions at a discounted rate

    Started Jun 5

    125 US dollars

    Loading availability...

  • Transform Your Soul With Personalized 1 on 1 Tribal Yoga

    150 US dollars
  • Group Yoga for Corporate Wellness-Private Parties-Sport Teams-Schools.

    Price Varies
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