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To truly love the world, you must first deeply love yourself.

Our Mission:


At Tribal you get a holistic approach to healing & balancing the body by reprogramming the central nervous system to lose weight, love yourself and stretch into bliss.




At age 19 Elissa began teaching Level 1 Hatha Yoga to children and has been teaching now for over 10 beautiful years. 


In 2015, Elissa graduated University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with her Degree in Health Promotion and Wellness. 


Constantly learning, in 2017 she earned 4 Certifications at CorePowerYoga,  200 hour RYT in Hot Power Yoga & 100 hrs CE in Level 1 & 2 Vinyasa and Yoga Sculpt.


In 2018, Elissa obtained a 50 hr Functional Movement Certification through B!RTHFIT for prenatal and postpartum.


In 2019, she received a 100 hr Yoga Nidra Certification & 20 hr Advanced Yoga Nidra Cert from Amrit Yoga Institute teaching the most powerful meditation technique.


In 2020, Elissa wrote and self-published a 200-page yoga manual and book and opened up her own Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga School. She runs 200 hour professional yoga teacher training online for the last 2 years.

What I truly love about Elissa is she is super supportive no matter your skill level. The feeling you get in her class is “Bliss”. No matter what is going on in your life, a class with her will brighten and improve your day.  I just love her for giving me the gift of yoga.


We always began with “intentions” to set the tone of the practice and each time the themes change but the focus is on loving one self, showing gratitude for everything, removing internal judgments etc.  Once my mind is calm and set with intentions we begin the physical side of yoga and it is various movements and poses that strengthen my mind and body to bring about alignment. 

Tommy Daniels

CPCU, AR, 5x Marathon Runner


Hello Lovely!


I am Elissa Albert, owner of Tribal, LLC, a holistic health coach and yoga master trainer.

About The Owner

I began teaching yoga 10 years ago, at the age of 19. At the time, I was attending University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and playing collegiate soccer. I had just had bilateral compartment syndrome surgery on both of my shins after my freshman year of soccer. I started watching documentaries on how what you eat can impact your health so I began trying out the plant-based lifestyle. Within 1 month of going plant-based, I healed sports-induced asthma that I had been taking an inhaler for since I was 6 years old. Simultaneously, I couldn't train the same way I always did before surgery. Running long distance and training high impact began impacting my body in a way it never had. I tried yoga and loved the challenge it offered yet softness & stress relief it gave that was so new to me. I noticed yoga was preventing injuries and  my recovery from practice and games increase. As well, I began sleeping better and my mental health improved.


In 2015, I graduated with my Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Promotion and Wellness. 


Fast forward 6 years into my teaching career, I met my Yoga Teacher, Vedasara, an Indian Monk  from northeastern hills of the Himalaya mountains. Veda is a guru in Ashtanga Yoga, Ayurvedic Medicine, & Astrology. After studying, practicing, teaching alongside him for the past 4 years, & co-leading a spiritual yoga tour to India (where we studied and taught for 1 month),  I realized the world needs to know Yoga. The world needs to know the depth of yoga beyond postures. That yoga is meant to be practiced well into your 100's. That yoga connects you to God, keeps you in the best shape of your life and relieves stress.

So, I began Tribal, a bridge between eastern philosophy and western practice. 

A place to become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself at any age without extreme workouts or diets. 

This is a place for those looking for an alternative, for those that tried "everything". 

You found your Tribe.

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